Communication is key in our diverse society. Reaching your goal quickly in an appropriate way?

SCOOPS offers the "Digital signage" - solution for your organisation!


Displays are a fundamental part of our society today. They are used to inform customers or visitors in a dynamic way in a wide range of sectors. Informing your employees about newly hired colleagues? Do it by means of a screen in the cafeteria! Promote the new summer menu to your customers in the restaurant? Do it by means of screens above the bar! Give visitors directions while shopping? Show them a floor plan via a screen above the escalator.

Has your interest in Digital Signage been triggered but does the use of a USB stick or complex system put you off? No worries!

With SCOOPS, you'll attract the attention of your target audience in an efficient way and improve customer loyalty. Click here to discover our subscriptions.

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Focused communication

By using SCOOPS, you inform your intended audience in a targeted way. You define your own messages and consequently give everyone the information that is favourable for them at that moment. Everything is played back according to your schedule. In other words, your message is never lost, because with SCOOPS you move straight to your target.

Customer experience at the centre

A message tailored to your target audience favours your company's professionalism. Your intended audience feels addressed and valued. This enhances customer loyalty and results in the desired interaction. You create a certain experience within your organisation. In other words, with SCOOPS, you hook into your target audience and never let go.

Easy to use

Usability is a must to work properly with a system. Gather the photos, videos and texts you want to implement, load them up and compile your playlist by putting all the content in a convenient schedule. A schedule of your choice! You notice this simplicity in creation also during installation: before you know it, SCOOPS is completely set up and ready to use.


As a customer, you want to be in control. SCOOPS makes this possible. We offer a contract-free, reliable and flexible system without a large investment or complex installation.

You pay one price for a wide range of services. The latest updates happen fully automatically, and the professional helpdesk is included in the price. What else does one need?

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